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There comes a time in every bathroom’s life when its color fade, its shower goes out of style, and its decor needs some serious updating. If you think that’s your bathroom and the time has come to give it a significant facelift, you must definitely look out for the bathroom remodel process. 

When you think about it, bathrooms are the second most personal area in your home after the bedroom, so possessing one that fits your style can be excellent. However, if yours doesn’t, the good news is you can upgrade your bathroom to be a beautiful space that perfectly fits your personality anytime. 

The sad news? The mess and stress can be overwhelming during the bathroom remodel process. But if you choose the right professionals to work with, you can keep the stress and chaos to an absolute minimum. Let’s take a closer look at how it is done. 


First Steps of the Bathroom Remodel Process

bathroom remodel process steps

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For all but the simplest of bathroom remodels, you will want to obtain the help of a reliable bathroom remodeler near you. Similarly, you will also be thinking about the bathroom remodel costs and planning the budget for your project.

You will sit down with this person and talk about what you want in your new bathroom, besides any ideas you might be thinking about and any anxiety you have regarding the whole bathroom remodel process. 

Choosing a designer who is also a good listener is the key. Before planning out the bathroom layout or even thinking about fixtures and finishes, your designer must gain a reasonably deep understanding of what you want and what you expect when you think about a perfect bathroom.

Only then your designer can deliver a bathroom remodel that exceeds your expectations. 


Choosing Colors, Patterns, Cabinets, and More

bathroom design colors

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Once you have shared your likes and dislikes with your designer, it will be time to move ahead with the bathroom remodel process. Moreover, this process can either be fun or stressful, depending on your interest in design.

If trying to choose styles, match colors, pick out a palette, and making dozens of other decisions sounds fun, then you are going to love this stage.

On the other hand, if all those choices and colors and textures make you want to run and hide, that’s fine. An experienced professional can make most of these decisions for you or help you narrow down the options and present just a few to choose from. 

Interestingly, your level of involvement in the design process is totally up to you. Although most designers can work within a wide range of styles, things go easy if you choose a designer whose work tends to meet your personal taste. 


Choosing a Remodeler

After your design is complete, you will need to start interviewing general contractors. In most probability, this is going to be the most stressful part of the bathroom remodel process. 

For many homeowners, this is the stage when the financial reality of the project sets in. 

Although most designers and architects will attempt to estimate costs during the design phase, you won’t have an exact idea of how much your project will cost to build until a contractor provides you an estimate or bid based on the plans. 


Whom Should You Choose?

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, you have two main choices. You can either hire a contractor or a remodeling company.

If you hire an independent designer and then a general contractor, you may be in the dark about bathroom remodel costs during the design phase. You will have to vet and hire two people who may not always communicate well with each other. 

Unfortunately, if anything goes wrong, the relationship can turn downright adversarial, with neither wanting to accept the blame. 

If you hire a design-build firm or a remodeling company, they will be responsible for design and construction. Since your designer is in-house, you will always benefit from accurate cost estimation through the design process.


Construction Begins

construction bathroom remodel process

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If you have made it this far through design and choosing a contractor, you have already put the most challenging part of your remodel behind you. Construction is usually the easiest phase for homeowners. 

By this time, you’ve probably made all your major design decisions, and you have the perfect plan for your dream bathroom. Now it is just a matter of executing the plan. 

But you need to resist the temptation to change the design midway through construction. This is because it will cost you more and may put you behind schedule. 



Construction begins with a little creative destruction. Remodeling shows always depict the homeowner taking a sledgehammer to their old bathroom. But believe us, that’s not how it works in real life.

If you are working with a remodeling company, their experienced demolition team will park a dumpster in front of your home and strategically remove old tile, fixtures, and drywall. 

Demolition happens quickly, usually in just a day or two for a small bathroom, and it can be kind of an emotional experience for some homeowners. Admittedly, you are excited about your new bathroom. But most likely, you have some fond memories of your old bathroom.


You’re Short on One Bathroom

The scariest part of a bathroom remodeling project for many people is to live without one of their bathrooms for a while. 

If you live in a home with many people all competing for the use of the bathroom, losing that bathroom for a few weeks could cause a lot of trouble for everyone. 

Further, if you are remodeling the only bathroom in your house, you will have to make some less desirable accommodations. Or, you may have to move out of your home for a short period before your bathroom is remodeled.


Final Walk-Through

final bathroom remodel

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If you have hired a remodeling company that can prioritize your project and works on it every day, the construction phase will stay on schedule. The last step is to book a final walk-through with your builder. 

This is your opportunity to carefully inspect all the work done and make a note of any minor items that need to be addressed, possibly marking them. Of course, your builder will make a checklist to take care of before the job is considered complete. 


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