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Before jumping into the bathroom remodel process, there is one critical aspect you need to consider, i.e., the length of bathroom remodel properly. 

How long a bathroom remodel takes is a serious concern for most homeowners. Admittedly, the project could be quite an inconvenience for the family members. More if the house has only one bathroom and you have disabled it for the renovation. Such factors make it all the more important for you to be aware of the timeline before you begin remodeling your bathroom.


Average Length of a Bathroom Remodel

average length of a bathroom remodel

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Typically a bathroom remodel takes anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks. Most importantly, it’s the bathroom’s size and the renovation scope that regulates the bathroom remodel timing. 

You could complete a smaller bathroom or a basic renovation in a week or two, but a master bathroom or a complete renovation can easily take six weeks or more. However, that’s just an estimate because remodeling a bathroom involves many variables, and estimating the exact time is near impossible.


Bathroom Remodel Time Based on The Scope

scope of bathroom remodel length

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The scope of the bathroom renovation work has a significant impact on the timeline of the intervention and the average time depends on your requirements. Let’s have a look at some different bathroom renovation projects and how long they can take.


Minor Remodel – 5 to 10 Days

If your bathroom is not too dated and fixing a few elements could bring its glory back, minor renovation could be all you need. 

These bathroom updates could be as simple as changing curtains and mats of the bathroom. A slightly extensive remodel could also involve painting the walls or changing a few pieces of hardware.


Major Remodel – 2 to 4 Weeks

A major renovation of the bathroom involves a complete overhaul of the space. The project could include structural changes to the room, new plumbing, and electricals. It can also include the replacement of the old accessories, cabinets, and vanities. This type of remodel can easily take around 2 to 4 weeks. 


Factors Influencing the Length of a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel timeline factors

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Bathroom remodel takes time to complete, and delays are quite common during the process. These delays, if ignored will end up increasing the timeline and also your bathroom remodel costs. Several factors could ruin your targeted schedule, so it would be wise to leave a margin of around a week for the bathroom remodeling project to complete without any hassle. 

Here are some factors that influence the length of a bathroom remodel:


Scope of the Remodel

A significant factor that impacts the bathroom renovation timing is the scope of the remodel. Are you aiming for a cosmetic renovation or a strip to stud renovation? Do you want to replace a vanity or change the bathroom layout?

Depending upon the nature of the work, a bathroom remodel could take from a few days to several weeks.


Contractor or DIY

Do you aim to do all the work yourself, or do you intend to hire a remodeling contractor? If the work is extensive, a contractor is the most suitable option. However, even for a simple renovation, a DIY approach could impact the overall bathroom remodel timeline and extend it to weeks.


Single or Multiple Contractors

Have you hired a single contractor or multiple contractors for different work? A single contractor will be the cheapest option. 

However, it will try to juggle the work with a limited number of workers. Consequently, this could increase the bathroom remodel time. 

On the other hand, if you work with multiple contractors, multiple interventions can be done simultaneously (for example, plumbing and electrical work) that will allow you to cut short the time.


Availability of Materials and Supplies

What is the delivery status of the materials required for the intervention? Are materials readily available, or are there any delays? 

Delivery times dramatically impact the length of bathroom remodel and extend it to weeks. Therefore, it’s recommended that you first procure all the material and then proceed with the bathroom remodeling project.


Breakdown of the Bathroom Remodel Timeline

bathroom remodel timeline

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Bathroom remodel projects involve several phases, performed one after another and include different duration to complete. Here is the breakdown of the timeline of bathroom remodel.



Unless you are attempting a structural overhaul, major demolition work is not required for a bathroom remodel. In case of a new flooring or equipment replacement, you can expect the demolition work to complete in a single day. 

In contrast, if there’s extensive demotion work or the bathroom is on the second floor, the time could extend up to 2 or 3 days.


Plumbing Work

You could complete a simple change of the bathroom fixtures in a day or two. However, if you intend to rework the old pipelines, the work could take between 2 to 3 days.


Electrical Installations

Lighting is an essential aspect of any remodeling project. Installation of new lighting fixtures will take only a day to complete. However, if the project also involves laying new power lines and connections, the work could extend to 3 or 4 days.



Both simple and major renovation work involves painting the room. It s a simple update that significantly improves the look and enhances the atmosphere of the bathroom. A single day is sufficient for the painting to complete and dry up.


Cabinets and Furniture

Bathroom trends to have minimal furniture and cabinets. If you are installing ready-made solutions, the task will not take more than a day.

However, any custom-made furniture will take longer to install. The added delay is due to the manufacturing process involved. In that case, expect the work to take between 2 and 3 days.



Flooring is another critical aspect of any bathroom remodel project, be it a basic or complete renovation. A normal vinyl floor could take two days to complete. More exotic tiling materials like wood could take 3 to 5 days.


Bathroom Inventory (Toilet, Sink, Bathtub, and Shower)

If your bathroom remodel project also involves replacing old bathroom accessories – installing these elements will also add to the length of the bathroom remodel. 

Toilet, shower, sink, and bathtub will take a day or two to install. Nevertheless, these items need to be delivered to your home. So you also have to take into account any unexpected delay due to late delivery.


How to Prepare For Delays

Remodeling is a complicated and stressful activity that involves several variables. Therefore delays are bound to occur. It will be prudent to be wary of these delays and prepare in advance. 

The best course will be to have a margin of at least a week to counter any delays that happen during the remodeling phase. Remodeling could breathe a new life to your bathroom and bring the lost charm back. 

Therefore, it’s essential not to rush the project and you should prepare for the unexpected bumps that might come in the way. You can then complete the work without extending the length of a bathroom remodel.


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