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When you are remodeling your bathroom, it’s important to avoid bathroom remodel mistakes as much as you can. Not only are you spending a lot of money but also spending a significant amount of time remodeling.

Here, we lay out a few bathroom remodel mistakes you should be mindful of and try to avoid with their upcoming project. 


Lack of Preparation

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Jumping into the bathroom remodeling project unknowingly is a sure way to spend more money than necessary. Even though bathrooms tend to be small, their dense cluster of services within that small space means you cannot afford to do anything unprepared and absent a clear plan.

For instance, if you install the toilet and then decide to move it a few feet to the right, the project will be more expensive than if you have situated it correctly the first time around. Such changes will also increase the length of the bathroom remodel.

Therefore, layout a firm bathroom design before you call up the contractor or design company. 


Having an Unrealistic Budget

An unrealistic budget is one of the most common bathroom remodel mistakes. Although it is common for remodelers to be under budget for their project, they always have a buffer of at least 15-20% for variations or surprises.

For instance, during demolition, unseen problems at quote time can rise and cause a lot of problems. This is where your buffer comes into play and eases the cost. 


Choosing Expensive Options 

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It is true what they say that you get what you pay for. Nevertheless, a seasoned bathroom contractor can enlighten you about options that meet your expectations at a lower cost. It’s important to manage your bathroom remodel costs well to avoid expensive bathroom remodel mistakes.

For instance, attractive and solid frameless glass showers may take your home value a notch higher. If the framed shower option seems a good fit, you need to ask yourself whether spending extra for a frameless variant is worth it.

Further, the same goes for high-end paints, stone floors, marble countertops, and any other premium product.


Replacing Instead of Repairing

If you ask experienced bathroom contractors, they will tell you that replacing elements is usually more expensive than repairing them. Further, the bathroom may be deeply embedded in the home; thus, removing demolished material becomes difficult.

Similarly, bringing construction material into the house is equally a challenging task. Remember that as materials are carried to the bathroom, they will probably pass through areas you would prefer to stay clean. 

All these tell you that using refurbished items may be a great option. Besides, some of the items you can consider include:

  • Countertop refinishing
  • Refinishing your shower or bathtub
  • Painting or refacing cabinets
  • Sink re-glazing
  • Tile re-grouting

Overlooking the Bathroom Ventilation

Bathroom ventilation is the last thing in most people’s minds during bathroom remodeling. However, a vent fan is a necessary bathroom upgradeToo much moisture content in the bathroom can result in perilous mildew or mold capable of ruining other remodeling work. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep bathroom moisture under control is using heat lamps. 

Bathroom ventilation fans can further help scale down moisture in your bathroom. Talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor about the available options.


Installing the Wrong Flooring

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As any bathroom remodeling contractor will tell you, not all flooring is for your bathroom. The best kind of bathroom floor is the one that sheds water, such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and vinyl plank. On the other hand, solid hardwood, laminate flooring, and engineered wood are not the best. This is because wood-based floors are likely to decay in spite of their enviable beauty. 

You will notice that professional bathroom remodeling contractors often use sealed stone. This is for a good reason because the sealing locks out moisture. Make sure to ask your remodeling contractor about the best floor type suited for your bathroom to avoid problems in the future.


Entirely Doing it Yourself

If you are a handy person, undertaking some tasks might seem like they are easy to do. However, certain tasks should be best left to the professionals.

Some of these include entire bathroom wiring, plumbing, building a shower stall from scratch, and many others. A professional will help make the remodeling process less frustrating and cheap. 


Lackluster Lighting Design

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During remodeling a bathroom, lighting should never be left as an afterthought. Besides elevating your bathroom’s appearance, a good lighting system also improves functionality. If your bathroom isn’t well-lit, it could give off a drab and dingy feel, something you don’t want in a convivial and clean environment. 

Given how important good lighting is when residents shave, apply make-up, or cleanse, homeowners should give plenty of thought to create a layered lighting design. 


Doors that Swing and Slam

Another common mistake concerning most bathroom remodeling projects in the early stages is forgetting to consider the door swing clearance and the bathroom layoutIf you open these doors and hear them slam against something, it tells you that you may not have been careful enough with your placement planning. 

Sometimes, this cannot be helped in a limited space, such as a smaller bathroom or powder room. As an option to traditional swinging doors, you can consider sliding or pocket doors. 


Having a Toilet in Full View

Although the toilet is one of the crucial amenities in a bathroom, it should not be the first and most noticeable thing you see when you first enter the bathroom.

Moreover, you should consider the sightlines from other parts of your home to the bathroom entrance to ensure the toilet isn’t visible. A water closet in a master bathroom remodel could do the trick, while a full or half wall could create enough of a partition. 


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