kitchen remodel mistakes

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, there’s a lot to think about. From kitchen islands, cabinetry, appliances, lighting, and backsplash ideas, to name a few. Hence, it’s all the more important that you avoid some common kitchen remodel mistakes.

Additionally, as kitchens grow more intertwined with our homes and daily lives, your cooking space must reflect your particular style. Whether you prefer all-white kitchens, color-filled kitchens, contemporary kitchens, or even a kitchenette.

These tips will allow you to explore your particular kitchen design. They will also ensure that even the smallest details are to your liking, resulting in a functional, beautiful room that the entire family will enjoy.


Not Setting Your Priorities 

kitchen remodel mistakes priorities


Consider your needs and those of your family before choosing countertops, tiles, or even a design by answering the following basic questions: 

How long do you spend in the kitchen each day? Do you dine in the kitchen as well? How much space do you require? What electrical appliances are you unable to cope with? What method do you wish to use to deal with waste? Is there anyone in the house with little children who needs to be protected? 

It will become easier to decide what you require if you clearly understand your lifestyle, needs, and ultimate must-haves.


Not Ordering Samples


It’s critical to order samples to ensure that you’ll be delighted when your new cabinets, countertops, tiles, etc., come. They are the focal point of your kitchen renovation

As a result, the style and finish must complement the rest of your decor. Make sure you avoid second-guessing your choices and be confident with your decision.

Order the refundable cabinet sample doors, which will come in handy for a variety of reasons. Sample are an important stage in the kitchen remodel process because items can look different in different lighting and on different computer displays. Overlooking these can be one of the most simple kitchen remodel mistakes that you can avoid.


Relying Only On Visual Appeal


Prioritizing design over functionality might be a huge kitchen remodel mistake. For instance, you should ensure that your floor is stain and water-resistant, as well as easy to clean. 

You can also pick a wallpaper designed exclusively for humid regions of the home and a countertop that can tolerate heat, odors, and spills in the kitchen.


Forgetting The Existing Architecture 


If you want to remodel a kitchen, the position of the windows, the high ceilings, the floorboards, the depth of the partitions, the girder, everything is essential. It’s also critical to think about the passage ducts. 

Avoid making rash decisions about finishes, colors, or products that may appear out of place in the overall scheme of things.


Open Floor Plan

kitchen remodel open floor plan


An open-concept kitchen is among the most commonly requested changes in kitchen design and it will only be successful if you meet all the requirements. Although an open plan can provide a sense of spaciousness in small flats, it is also among the top kitchen remodel mistakes. 

Have you ever considered the buzzing sound of the refrigerator or the sound of dishes being washed? What about the odors? An open kitchen, which is connected to the house’s most public social space, must be spotless and clean at all times. 

While an open-concept kitchen might sound good on paper, you have to ensure that it is the right fit for your lifestyle and kitchen layout.


Biting More Than You Can Chew


While it may be tempting to tear out your old cabinets and countertops right at once, before demo day, there is one more thing to consider. Jumping further into finish line with no prior experience with cabinets or kitchen remodeling might have a negative impact on your kitchen remodel length and budget.

Instead, be upfront with yourself about your carpentry and remodeling abilities. For a novice, putting together and installing new cabinets can be difficult. Hiring a remodeling contractor is preferable if assembling, cutting, and installing cabinets isn’t your strong suit. 

A professional can provide you with peace of mind and ensure that the job is done correctly the first time. Plus, with professional assistance from the start, the project will stay on track. 


Omitting Storage Solutions

kitchen remodel mistakes storage


Kitchen storage and utilitarian designs are at the top of many kitchen remodel wish lists. Consider your collection of small appliances and utensils, the additional counter space you require, and the current flow of your kitchens. 

Everything deserves an appropriate home, and you deserve a room that is both functional and attractive. You can install various kitchen storage solutions such as tall pantry cabinets, drawer bases, roll-out trays, trash pull-outs, spice pull-outs, etc. to get started. 

Furthermore, the flow of your kitchen might influence how well you organize it. Use the kitchen work triangle as a guide to ensure that your kitchen is both useful and comfortable. 

In a nutshell, the work triangle is the region between your cooktop, refrigerator, and sink that is most efficient for strolling. All of these products are utilized in the kitchen to perform basic tasks. Ignoring the work triangle is one of the most common kitchen remodel mistakes that you should avoid.


Blow Out Your Budget


No one wants their project to go over budget and increase the kitchen remodel costs. For example, cabinets alone are typically one of the most expensive materials in a kitchen remodel. With that being the case, it is crucial to map out your project to stay within budget.

For instance, you should deice what aspects of the space are most important to you and allocate your funds accordingly. Thoroughly planning your project is the best way to ensure your project remains on track. Understanding these costs can help in avoiding these kitchen remodel mistakes. 

It’s not about creating a magazine-worthy kitchen when you’re remodeling your dream kitchen. You’re remodeling a space to make way for new memories and creating a functional space that will last a long time. Give your kitchen the attention, love, and energy it deserves by avoiding these kitchen remodel mistakes.

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